3v3 Clans

These are 3v3 clans who participate in ranked matches. Matches begin with each team playing strictly offense or defense for ten minutes. After ten minutes, the clans switch roles to defense or offense on the same map. The clan with the most flag captures is the winner of that round. A new map is selected and round two begins. The match winner is the clan that wins the majority of rounds played. In the event of a tie, the clans can elect to call it a tie, or opt for an additional round to break the tie.

  • Balloons (Oﻯ)
    • Injate
    • Mikey
    • Silat
  • HYPE (+]Hype[+)
    • Casualty
    • Daishi
    • Phatal
    • Zeus
  • Legion Dairy (:MOO:)
    • Explosion
    • Hollow
    • Pokey
    • Prophet
    • A-Sniper
    • Fuzion
    • JJ-E
    • Stryf
  • Team Tom Brady (<TB3)
    • Chacha
    • Dooi
    • Maelstrom
    • Revolt