Legacy Downloads

We’ve created newer zips to ensure the game is easier to play/setup, but below you’ll find all of the previous downloads hosted here.

– WFA Gameplay Files –

(Click filename to download)

Unfadable Texture Pack (Zip w/ PK3) (18MB)

Required Files


ioQuake3 + WFA 3.5b (ZIP) (214MB)

This is WFA 3.5b + Maps + The IOQuake3 Engine. Intended to make installation easier; see readme in zip file.

WFA 3.5 Full (EXE) (141MB)

This is the primary installer for WFA 3.5. It is required for gameplay. Install to your Quake 3 Directory.

WFA 3.5b Update (ZIP) (20MB)

This is the update file for WFA 3.5b. It is required for gameplay; unzip to your [Q3 Path]\WFA folder.

WFA 3.5b Map Pack 1 (ZIP) (40MB)

This file contains additional and/or updated maps required for WFA 3.5b gameplay.

Optional Files


WFA 3.99a Required Files (Zip w/ PK3) (120MB)

This is WFA 3.99a with bot support. Some servers may be running this.

WFA 3.99a maps (Zip w/ PK3) (63MB)

I’m not sure why I made this to be honest. Even with the core files for 3.99a, I was missing maps. So.. get this if you’re downloading the core file above.

Bob’s WFA Config Builder (EXE) (500KB)

Really awesome utility to generate and build the config files for the different WFA classes. Highly recommended if you don’t have existing configs!

WFA 3.3 Map Pack 1 (ZIP) (50MB)

Older/Legacy Maps; may be used by some servers still – always good to have

WFA 3.3 Map Pack 2 (ZIP) (45MB)

More Older/Legacy Maps; again may be used by some servers

WFA Maps 1 & 2 (RAR) (63MB)

I believe.. these are some of the oldest original maps for WFA. Again.. doesn’t hurt to have it. Probably won’t see them much but fun to explore!

Punkbuster (RAR) (1MB)

If you are having issues with punkbuster pbags error try this and see if it helps.. it’s kind of hit and miss.

Unfadable Texture Pack (Zip w/ PK3) (18MB)

Additional textures required by some maps; good idea to have it to avoid missing files or delays in connecting; extract to the WFA folder.

WFA Log Analyzer (Zip) (2.2MB)

WFA log file analyzer. No idea if it still works!