Download & Play

Below are the required files to play the game. As WFA runs on the Quake 3 engine, a valid installation is required (pak0 and a CD key).

We recommend using Quake3e in place of the older/vanilla Q3 engine.

If you’re connecting to a server and missing maps, make sure you have downloads turned on (/cl_allowdownload 1 in the console). Quake3e utilize fast downloads and will happily snag any missing WFA maps & files.

If you’d like a bit more guidance, click here to watch the How to Install & Configure WFA video.

If you’re looking for miscellaneous or older downloads, i.e. Bob’s WFA Config Builder, WFA Stats Analyzer, older builds, please visit the Legacy Downloads page.

– WFA Gameplay Files –

(Click the filename to download)

WFA HD Files


WFA HD 1.0 (ZIP) (3.9GB)

This is WFA HD 1.0. If you’ve never played or lost all of your files, this is what you need. It contains the Q3e Windows execs, all WFA files, basic configs, and the most popular server maps.

3.5b Vanilla Files


WFA 3.5b (ZIP) (210MB)

This is WFA 3.5b + Base maps. Extract this to your Quake 3 installation folder. This also contains Bob’s WFA Config Builder.

Map Pack (ZIP) (307MB)

All playable maps in one file. Extract this to the WFA folder; overwrite if prompted on any map files.

Optional Files Purpose/Notes
Standard Configs If you’re new to the game or haven’t setup your configs, this is basically required. Lots of basic bindings, settings, and help have been setup here to make it easier to jump in for the first time or return from a long break.