20 Years of Weapons Factory Arena!

Can you believe it? Weapons Factory Arena was released in the summer of Y2K! This coming July (26th) marks the 20th year of the mod being available for public enjoyment. Let’s keep it going!

Demo/Video Recording

Here are a few useful console commands for recording demos and subsequent videos in iOQuake3. Note that iOQ3 (Windows) stores the data in %appdata%\Quake3\wfa.


cl_autoRecordDemoRecord a new demo on each map change
cl_aviFrameRateChoose the framerate for the video
recordStart recording a demo
stoprecordStop recording the demo
videoStart recording an AVI of the demo
stopvideoStops recording the AVI of the demo


Q3WFA.com has been procured and redirects here. The primary goal of obtaining the domain is to shorten the amount of typing needed in the console. i.e., /connect to something.weaponsfactoryarena.com isn’t so great to type. /connect something.q3wfa.com is easier. Or i’m just lazy. Probably just lazy.


Ref Commands!

It can be hard to remember all of these. Most are found in the WFA menu, but more often than not, it’s faster to use the console command. Here they are:

ref_password password Makes you the ref
ref_warmup Sets the warm-up time
ref_clearscore Clears the scores
ref_matchmode on|off Lifts class limits, cap limit to 99
ref_restartmap Restarts the current map
ref_observer playername|id|all Force the person into observer
ref_nextmap mapname Sets the next map
ref_map mapnameChanges the current map
ref_matchtime Changes the match time
ref_caplimit Changes the cap limit
ref_leave Leave ref
ref_kick id|nameKick a player
ref_gametype ctf|cp Change between capture the flag or command point mode


New Site!

Pretty self-explanatory right? It’s a new site. Let me know if you have feedback or suggestions.